The Prophet Dr. Apostle Regina Martin, is known as the “The Apostle of Prayer”. She is a native of SouthFlorida, a mother of two beautiful daughters Olivia and Jazzmin Carter. An Apostle, an Entrepreneur, a
Global speaker, a Patron, the Senior Pastor of the Embassy Church of South Florida, founder of TheEmbassy Academy K-12 private school (which was nominated as school of the year) and Embassy College. She is also the Founder of the fashion enterprise House of Babydoll where she helps women discover their unique style.

Dr. Martin has been the guest speaker of
different local radio and international T.V stations; such as, The Word Network, Impact Network, Atlanta Live and Island TV. She’s been featured in several articles; such as, the Huffington Post, the cover of Kish Magazine and the Kish Corner as Woman of the Year. She is also the author of “The Spiritual Warfare Manual,” “I Owe Him Everything “and the recently sold out “Forerunner”. Dr. Martin will also be launching the Forerunners Global Network and Forerunners Magazine in Summer 2020.


Forerunner: One that paves the way for another 

The Lord has spoken to me that the forerunners are coming.
A forerunner is a person or thing that precedes the coming or development of someone or something else. You will not know their names, they may not have a major platform or they may not even be a part of a local assembly but they are here and ready to fulfill their assignments.


Bring a life-changing Global Movement to your city and church by hosting the FORERUNNER TOUR with Dr. Regina Martin and the Forerunner Global Network.


The Forerunner Global Network is a network of Purpose-Driven women determined to

blaze uncharted territories and make global change. 

This network was designed to educate, inspire, empower and equip women

seeking to fulfill Christ's mission and their individual assignments.



The Forerunner Global Network is a network with a mission to create a global community of women who share their wisdom, expertise and lessons learned from challenges that they’ve experienced to help other women.

Our purpose is to provide women with community, support and encouragement to go after their dreams. Here at the Forerunners Global Network we Link Up, Leap Forward, and Launch Out!

Link up- A community of women that connect to sharpen each another. We strongly believe that every Leader needs a leader and every Mentor needs a mentor.

Leap Forward- An atmosphere filled with impartation, teachings and activities to help you move forward in life.

Launch out- We are very passionate about purpose and we believe that you are all called to do something great

A Forerunner is a person of thing that precedes the coming or development of someone or something else.

Get your copy of Dr. Regina Martin's latest release FORERUNNER. This book will ignite your passion and propel you to your perfected purpose.




Connect with Dr. Regina Martin and the Forerunner Mentorship Program.

This program is designed to push women to the next level and provoke greatness out of each participant

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